Galungan - Adventures
Last Wednesday (12/8), I was here to experience Galungan, which is a Balinese holiday that occurs every 210 days and lasts for 10 days. Kuningan is the last day of the holiday.During this holiday the Balinese godsvisit the Earth and leave on Kuningan.

Galungan marks the beginning of the most important recurring religious ceremony that is celebrated by all Balinese. During this time the ancestors of the family descend to their former homes. They must be entertained and welcomed, and prayers and offerings must be made for them. Families spend endless hours preparing food & offerings for the spirits. Women carry beautiful woven baskets on their heads making offerings to various temples in their village.

They decorate long bamboo poles (penjor) that they place at the entrance to their family compound. It’s a beautiful sight to drive around the area and see the endless numbers of poles draping over the roads. It creates a very festive atmosphere during this holiday.



12/21/2010 20:46:05

Neat. I love hearing about all your cultural experiences in Bali.


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