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After 22 (long) hours of traveling, I finally arrived safely to Bali! Despite the long journey I was fortunate to have friendly travel companions throughout my flights. One included a Cambodian Monk which lives in Denver but was traveling back home for 2 months.  

I decided to stay fairly close to the airport when I arrived to Bali, knowing I would need a place to rest and adjust to the 15 hour time difference for a few days. I stayed at :Legian Guest House. It was a nice quaint hotel located away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist area. I rented a moped to get me around for the day. I quickly learned that I am to drive on the left side of the road. I spent my day driving down to the beach soaking in the warm Bali sun! I have to say that my first meal in Bali was not authentic Balinese food but instead Pizza, yes Pizza. It was at a small funky restaurant that cam highly recommended, so I had to check it out! Not too shabby for Pizza in Bali.

11/20/2010 00:51:26

Woohooo.. I can comment. I like the new pics you added and LOVE the fact that you are documenting the food experience :)

Can't wait to hear/


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