While visiting Ubud, I have been staying with the Martinez family. Linda & Steve are old friends of my sister who moved to Bali a year and a half ago to have their 3 daughters attend The Green School. The school is made primarily out of bamboo and other renewable & recycled resources. The class rooms are open aired using natural light, their chairs and desk are made entirely out of bamboo, and the whiteboard is made from recycled car windows backed with white paper.

I took a tour of the school to see it first hand and it was amazing.  They teach traditional subjects such as math, social studies, science and English, but the school embrace teaching (green) sustainable and hand on learning. Each class is learning the process of organic farming, where they grow their own fruits, vegetables and herbs. The school is focused on empowering children to become green leaders. If you have a few minutes take a look at their website (check out their BBC video on the school.) 

Linda was kind enough to invite me along to John Hardy’s 61st birthday party (Cynthia & John Hardy are the founders of the Green School)  which was held on his property. The party started at his privately owned hotel called Bambu Indah for appetizers and then proceeded with a giant traditional Balinese dinner at house (which is just a short pathway from the hotel). There were probably a hundred people their ranging from business associates to families that attend the school. Check out the video below to check out their amazing house!


12/12/2010 02:17:39 pm

Oh that sounds awesome! Why didn't my mum send me there :-)

Everything looks like it is going fantastic! Stay healthy and stay safe!

PS- I had an interview from a redheaded EriKa today. She appreciated it when I asked if she spelled it with a C or a K :-)

12/21/2010 06:44:47 pm

That school sounds awesome and that house is truly amazing!


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