It’s my first official day in Nepal and I was all set to explore Kathanmanu only to find out that today is Holi (a national holiday celebrated by Hindus at the end of the winter season on the last full moon of the lunar month or  March 19th, 2011).I was warned that if I go out I should be prepared to be covered in multitudes of colors. Not really sure what to expect I went back to my room and changed into an outfit I didn’t mind getting a little more vibrant. I warily steped out of my guesthouse onto the main road to check out the festivities, immediately I was greeted with “Happy Holi” and a big smear of paint across my cheeks.

The longer I stayed on the streets the more colorful I became (as you can see from the pictures, red was the color of choice for the day :). There were a few tourist that were not very keen on the celebrations, cursing up a storm in German because they were sprayed with a little paint. You can’t walk into the fire and not get burned, this is the celebration go out and live it up! The holiday is  celebrated by smearing colored powder on people’s faces and throwing (colored) water. It is believed that the combination of different colors will take all the sorrow away and make life itself more colorful (I have to agree, I feel much more vivid then I did yesterday). The only downside to the national holiday is that everything is closed, which means I can not explore the city that will have to wait until tomorrow. Happy Holi!

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