I spent the last 4 days mastering the beginners Kayak clinic through Paddle Nepal! This has been the highlight of my trip in Nepal so far (that might change after my trek around the Himalayas next week).  I spent the first day learning the theory of whitewater and river safety on Phewa Lake. They provided us with all the basic techniques you’ll need to know when navigating down a river. The second day is when the real fun begins! Our group drove 2 hours to the Lower Seti River to start our 3 day adventure through the rapids of Nepal. Each day we would build more on the skills and techniques needed to safely kayak down a river. The food through the  trip was delicious and plentiful! It was unbelievable how well we ate, I'm sure we needed the extra calories after a long exhausting day of paddling down the river.  Throughout the 3 days we experienced class 2, 2+ and 3 rapids which really put our new found skills to the test. I capsized more times than I wish to count, but with each wipeout it helped me learn how to be more comfortable in the kayak and how to handle a rescue (when needed). I highly recommend this trip to anyone traveling to Nepal!

Nancy Helstrom
4/12/2011 03:34:24 am

I'm really enjoying your travels and pictures. Thanks so much for sharing.


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