After spending a few days exploring Kathmandu, I found a program called Nepali Host Family, the organization provides you with local accommodation (either at their hostel or at a home stay) and offers free volunteer opportunities in the community. I signed up to volunteer for 5 days at a local primary school called Compact English School. The school was founded 5 years ago by a woman who wanted to make education accessible to low-income families in the community. It's a private school but the monthly fees are $8 a month making it affordable to families. I went in for a few hours everyday to help the students practice their English. On my first day I wasn't sure what to expect, I decided to bring in my computer to show them photos of my trip and turn it into a Geography lesson showing them where all the different countries were located . The kids loved it, especially seeing all the animals from the African Safari. Class 5 which were the oldest students (about 11 years old) area all bright, energetic, wonderful kids. Their English is very fluent, we could easily hold conversations and they were very interested in knowing more about the U.S. For my second day I found various photos of everything USA from animals, to holidays, they especially wanted to know all our National flowers, animals etc. It was an amazing experience, very different from the primary school I visited in Africa where the student teacher ratio was 100 students to 1 teacher. The largest class size here is only 15 students. To top off this great experience the principal made lunch for me (and the 2 other volunteers) everyday at her home, which was

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