After visiting Ho Chi Min City I flew north to Hoi An. The two cities couldn’t be more different from each other. Ho Chi Min City is a bustling metropolis of 7 million people. Hoi An on the other hand is a small coastal town if about 250,000.  Hoi An is a tourist mecca known for its tailors who make you clothes in less than 24 hours. I of course gave into the temptation of having clothes tailor made to fit! I found a small shop and spent the afternoon looking through catalogues finally I decided on a selection of dresses and pants. And as promised the woman whipped out all my designs by 3pm the next day where we made any additional alterations. It was a lot of fun. (Unfortunately I do not have any pics of my new outfits, I whisked them away to the post office and I definitely do not have room in my small suit case to carry them the rest of my trip.). I only spent a few days in Hoi An just roaming the streets and rented a motorbike out to the beach.

By the time I arrived to Hue was when the weather shifted from warm & sunny in the south to cold and rainy. It was very unmotivating to get out and explore the city. I did muster up some motivation on the 2nd day to tour the country side on a motor cycle tour with Hue Riders. It was a unique way to get off the tourist path a bit. I visited a mixture of tombs, Buddhist temples and Pagodas. It was great to do the tour at my own pace; I didn’t have to wait for a group to finish because it was just me! Since my days are limited I only spent 2 days in Hue and continued my journey north to Hanoi.

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