I decided if you are traveling through Africa it is a must to take a safari an visit the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater. We spent two and a half days traveling through the Serengeti. Here is home to millions of wilderbeest during the migration and over the huge flat plains we were able to see lions, cheetahs, leopards, elephants, giraffes, zebras, hyenas just to name a few. Each morning we rise before the sun to get an early start to find lions, cheetah and leopards and other animals before they retreat away from the blazing sun during the day.
On the last day we descended into the Ngorongoro Crater, this area is a wonderful haven for wildlife.  Ngorongoro is unique in that almost all the wildlife live within the crater walls  (they do not migrate like they do in the Serengeti) which gave us the opportunity to find game easily. We were the first group to spot the one lone Rino relaxing and enjoying the cool morning air. We cherished the moment before we were bombarded by groups of other tours in search of one of the top 5 animals to see in Africa.

We were able to experience some great moments during our tour. The first morning we saw a heard of elephants cross paths with a pack of lions (see pic). The lions weren't necessarily on the prowl but they were keeping an eye out to see if the baby elephant might stray away at all.Later in the afternoon, we approached a large watering hole where the Zebras were  all wadding into the water to drink but just feet away a crocodile was eyeballing his lunch election. The croc  would creep closer to the zebras spooking them and the group would charge out of the water in a mad furry (this went on repeatably

Your pictures are great! They bring back so many memories of when I was in Kenya. Hope you are having an amazing time.


Looks like you had an amazing time in Africa!! Thanks for sharing your experiences and pictures with us!




Your pictures are absolutely awesome. My husband and I are planning a trip to Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar and we will be travelling on a shoestring budget (around $ 7000 including everything). Could you share your experience with us (such as your route, tour company, transportation company, hostel etc.) or suggest us anything in order to make our trip worthy and cheaper?

BTW I saw your post on lonelyplanet. I could carry your bag if I were in the USA. :-)


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