On my way south toward Dar es Salaam I made a stop to the Usambara Mountains. The mountain range is 70 miles long & range from 20-40 miles wide running North-East through Tanzania. The ranges highest peak is only 8,000ft, not quite the difficulty of Kilimanjaro. I spent the first few days relaxing at Maweni Farm. Being just weeks away from the rainy season and it would appear that not many people are traveling through East Africa so I had the entire place to myself. The manager was nice and let me upgrade to my choice of rooms for free. I went for the tent, I felt it had more of an African vibe to it. I have to say it was strange having such isolation, I spent the last month living at a hostel in Moshi with 20 other volunteers.  
I decided to take a 3 day trek through the Usambara Mountains. I set up my tour was through Friends of the Usambara Mountains which is a grassroots organization developed to promote tourism to the region and to contribute to the conservation of the areas cultural and natural resources. The tour was wonderfully organized; my guide Anthony did a great job of setting up all the logistics for the tour. We spent the 3 days hiking through the local villages and seeing the breathtaking landscape. The two big highlights of the trek were staying at the nuns convent on the first night and visiting the village of Mtae. Mtae is literally THE friendliest village I have visited. As you can see from the pictures the children absolutely love having their photos taken. Everyone was very outgoing and welcoming. Many of the other villages I walked through most of the children were too shy to be photographed and kept more to themselves.Mtae also has a great lookout point to watch the sunset (which I almost missed taking so many pictures of the kids on our walk up).

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